About Us

When Tom Wood left school he became involved in his fathers business and when the cage ban started to become reality Tom realized that there would be more of a demand for free range eggs. With that in mind he decided to renovate two of the original free range units and put them together to make one 4000 bird unit. From there he then invested in a new 4000 bird mobile McGreggor shed, which then increased the free range numbers to 8000.

Tom and his partner Becky run the two sheds with a flock of Hyline and a flock of Bovan. Tom’s focus of the business is very much based on the quality of the product. The aim is to try and get the eggs collected, packed and delivered on the same day to provide the freshest eggs possible. With demand high for free range eggs, Tom continues to invest in the business, whether it is increasing the overall flock size or looking to grade and pack the eggs on site to make the business more efficient (currently uses his father’s grader/packer at Fairash Farm up the road). There are plans in place to replace the oldest building with a brand new state of the art Harlow shed to increase numbers by an extra 2000 hens. This will enable Tom and Becky to keep up with the ever growing demand for their quality free range eggs.

When asked what gives him business satisfaction he said seeing people buying his eggs puts a smile on his face.