Our Hens

At Greenacres Farm, our hens get to enjoy the freedom of the outdoors encouraging them to roam and express their natural behaviour. At Greenacres Farm, the hens welfare is also a top priority. We believe that by creating a better environment for our hens, they will produce a better egg.

Our hens are fed on a layers mash which is a natural feed designed for free range hens, supplied by Crediton Milling Co. The hens eat roughly 1 tonne per thousand birds per week, so in total they consume around 8 tonnes per week. This diet and the natural fields the hens forage, help our eggs develop their rich golden yolks and flavour.

Each hen will usually lay 300 eggs per year. As a farm we produce approximately 7500 eggs per day – that’s approximately 1.6 million per year!

Greenacres Farm do not supply the larger supermarket chains, therefore we can keep our hens for longer than the usual 72 weeks as demanded by the supermarkets, meaning our hens live a longer happy and productive life.